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Here are some Rhode Island Guides.

rhode island fishing charters  Come to the Ocean state for an enjoyable recreational activity.

Point Judith fishing charters  We are right across from the Galilee boats and available for guided fishing charters to target the species of your choice during the season in Rhode Island.

Tuna Fishing Charters  There really isn't anything quite as exciting as the line spinning off your reel when a tuna has been hooked.  Not only are they very tough, these fish are incredibly fast swimmers, able to attain speeds of 40 knots.

Shark Fishing Charters  A shark fishing charter is equal measures of excitement and boredom.  Broedom while setting up and establishing your chum slick and waiting for the first shark, then excitement when the first rod goes off and a big shark starts to kick your butt as he takes line off the reel.

Block Island Fishing Charters  Fish the famous Block Island striper fishing grounds at the north rip, clay head, southwest ledge and many other productive areas that hold bass, Blues, giant scup, and other fish.

Rhode Island fishing Charters Boats   We can hook you up with a striper fishing adventure during your stay in Rhode Island.  Just give us a call and we'll help you with the rest.

Galilee Fishing Charters and Boats.  Where you can find charter boats in RI.

Point Judith Fishing Charters in Rhode Island.  Striped bass are a game fish that is prevalent in Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay, along the south shore, and around Block Island.  They are a beautiful fish that can attain sizes upward of 6olbs in weight, although few fish above that size are caught each year.

Fishing charters in Newport, RI  Newport is a sailing port in the southeastern part of Rhode Island and has a long nautical tradition.  It is also close to some great fishing in the ocean state.  If you want to fish, give us a call.

Aces RI Fishing Charters.  Light tackle fishing in Rhode Island for sea bass, scup, bluefish, stripers, tuna, and the hard-fighting tautog.

Tautog Fishing Charters  We have very reasonable rates for tautog fishing during the weekdays.  We even put people together to make up a full group.  Call ahead to make sure there is room for you to get on board for that day's trip.

Rhode Island Light Tackle fishing Boat  This is a light tackle guide service able to take out groups of 1-3 or 1-6 anglers on our two vessels for exciting and entertaining fishing charters.  Book a trip with us.

Block Island Light Tackle Fishing Guide  Experience the thrill of catching big bass on lightweight rods, guiding out of New Harbor on the island..

Newport Fishing Charters  Book On the Rocks charters for great fly fishing & light tackle fishing on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island.  We can arrange for your pickup and drop off when coming in on a cruise ship.

RI shark fishing charters Located at the fishing port of Galilee.  Fastest charter boat in the fleet at 23 knots the Miller Time gives you more fishing time and less travel time. 

Pictures of the RI Charterboats at Jim's Dock  There are a number of charter boats which sail from Jim's Dock during the fishing season in Rhode Island.  Any one of them can show you a great time on the ocean fishing fro striped bass or any other species the state has to offer.

Striper Size chart for Rhode Island.  A chart to help you determine the weight of a striped bass simply by measuring its length and girth.  Great for getting the fish back into the water quickly when practicing catch and release fishing.

Sea Bass Galilee fishing charters  This is a fishing charter service sailing from Point Judith pond in Rhode Island for fishing trips to catch scup and many other species of fish.

Miller Time Rhode Island fishing charters  Come aboard for one of the most entertaining fishing trips you'll ever experience with captain Fred Miller, one of the few innovative fisherman at Galilee.

Point Judith Fishing Charters & Boats  Fishing guide sailing from off the Point Judith salt pond in Rhode Island.  We are a professional guide service focused on help you catch fish, we aren't interested in taking you for a boat ride.

Sportfishing Reviews   Read about sportfishing trips on two different charterboats located in Rhode Island.  Professional captains who want you to catch fish.

Connecticut fishing charters  There are a great many charter fishing vessels in Connecticut available to the general public.  They target many different species of fish, including Striped Bass, Flounder, Sea Bass, Scup, Tautog, and Tunas.

Point Judith Fishing Charters on Busy Line  Join Captain Norm Bardell for a great day of fishing aboard the Busy Line, a 23' Seacraft center console fishing machine for up to three passengers. Let's catch some fish today!



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